Jun 06, 2023 waworldocean
Stream Blueback movie for FREE during the week of World Oceans Day

Join the celebration of World Ocean Day 2023 by diving in with Blueback!

The Blueback movie, novel, and educational resources offer the perfect opportunity to engage your students with this year’s theme: ‘Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing’.

Let Blueback help your students explore the wonders of the ocean and learn about the importance of protecting it.

The film adaptation of Tim Winton’s best-selling book Blueback is a timely tale about the ocean, a beautiful marine creature, and a young girl’s power to change the world. It is an incredible coming-of-age story that follows Abby, a girl who befriends a magnificent wild blue groper. When Abby’s friend, Blueback, and its entire habitat come under threat, she becomes inspired to protect not only her friend but also the world’s precious coral reefs.

Educators can access a free Blueback movie rental via ATOM’s online Education Shop.

The free streaming access period will commence from Saturday 5 June and conclude Friday 9 June.

Discover an amazing collection of educational resources that Minderoo Foundation has developed in partnership with the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) and Cool Australia, designed to complement your free streaming of Blueback for World Ocean Day 2023.

Stream Blueback for FREE

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